Affiliate Marketing Programs For

Affiliate Marketing Programs. affiliate marketing for beginners
Affiliate Marketing Programs. affiliate marketing for beginners
Affiliate Marketing Programs For

Affiliate Marketing Programs. affiliate marketing for beginners. Now a days Peoples are interested in earning by affiliate marketing or Affiliate Programs. In this tune I will share with you a mini affiliate site programs. Where you can easily earn a smart amount through Unique Visitors Generator. This is called Mini Affiliate Program because the job is absolutely for the beginner.

This is not a professional job. However, this site is best for you to start your journey as a Biglighter affiliate marketer. Replace your earning $200 to $300 per month through the BestChange affiliateAffiliate Marketing Programs For Affiliate Marketing Programs. affiliate marketing for beginners

What is BestChange?
It is an online free service that provides electronic money exchangers, online banking and money transfer services at one go. They have more than 50 registered money exchanger.
If you want to convert the dollars of any payment processor to another payment processor, it is the best site for you. Because this site will tell you that any conversion site will get the highest rate for your currency. For example, from Bitcoin to Payza, Payza to Paypal, Paypal to Netellar etc.
Features of BestChange:
a. You can transfer dollars from one payment gateway to another payment gateway.
b. Through Link Share, you can earn through affiliate marketing.
c. Referrals can be earned by creating a referral. Get a part of Referral Income.

How to work at BestChange?
First step: Create account.
1. Click this link.
2. When the link is open click on Affiliate Program.

3. Click the follow this link from the paragraph of affiliate registration.
4. Scroll down a little bit and fill the form. However, use some technique to fill the form. Because if you fill the form in this method, I will send you various income tips from my referral list.
Username: As a username, you will get the previous part of Gmail’s @ For example: your Gmail account So your username will be:
E-mail: Give your Gmail account.
Password: Enter the password you want with letters and numbers (sometimes using capital letters if the password is strong.)
Repeat the Password: Repeat the same password again.
Keeping the bottom of the box below 9, click on the remaining 8 to check it.
Click the Registration button.
5. Check E-mail. Your username, password, affiliate link, support e-mail etc. have been sent (spam and check if you do not get inbox).
Second step: Login.
1. Go to this link.
2. Click Affiliate Program.
3. At the Affiliate login section, click the check box next to Username, Password and Click to verify and click Login.
Third Step: Find Affiliate Link
After an account you will get an affiliate link. This link will contain a unique code that determines which visitor will be your own. That means that by clicking on your affiliate link, a visitor will actually be tracking this site via unique code that this visitor has sent you. And for this all income will be generated in your account.
After logging into the dashboard, get a link to the right of the affiliate link. That’s your referral or affiliate link.
Fourth Step: Know about the Income Strategy
From this site you can generate 4 ways income.
Firstly, by bitcoin and claim
Bitcoin can be written once every hour. You can earn from 10 to 1,000 satausi free.
Secondly, through Unique Visitor Generator
Generate unique visitors through your affiliate link. For each of them you get an income of 4 cents. Depending on the kind of vizitra, this amount can vary.
That means generating 100 unique visitors every day you get an average of 100 * 0.04 = 25 dollars.
 Thirdly, using the Exchanger Monitoring Service
If you want to find the best site for converting a dollar to a catmart with your affiliate link. However, you will get extra income to use this Exchanger Monitoring Service.
If you use your referral customer “Exchanger Monitoring Service” you will receive an extra $ 0.01 x 9;
If your referral customer is using this site again within 3 days, you will get $ 0.02;
If your referral customer is using this site again within 7 days, you will receive $ 0.03;
If your referral customer uses this site again within 14 days, you will receive: $ 0.04;
If your referral customer is using this site again within 30 days, you will receive $ 0.06;
If you use this site again within 60 days, your referral customer will get $ 0.09;
If you use this site again within 90 days of your referral customer, you will get $ 0.013;
Fourthly through referral
From BestChange you get referral income up to 2 levels.
From first level: 30%
From second level: 10%
If someone joins the Affiliate link of your BestChange, then your direct referral or first level referral. And the one who joins your referral link is your second level referral.
Fifth Step: Promotional Material Selection.

BestChange has many of its promotional materials (many with text, banner, script). Which will make your promotional work much easier. That is, by promoting this promotional material, you can easily attract the visitor and earn income by sending the site.
1. By logging down a little below really under promotional materials
Affiliate link: This is a referral or affiliate link.
Affiliate link in the HTML code: HTML code for publishing on a website or blog
Hidden affiliate link in the HTML code: This is a hidden code of HTML link
Affiliate link in BBCode: BB code for publishing forums.
2. From the menu on the left
Affiliate link code: Here you will find different types of referral links.
Banners: Here you can find different sizes and different style banner codes.
Text Materials: Here you can find various text materials to attract the visitor.
Six Steps Promotion.
At this stage, your job is to generate Unique Visitors (paid traffic). Who will exchange money using its services.
You can generate Unique Visitors in different ways
1. Social Media
You can promote your affiliate link in different Facebook groups.
Promote your affiliate link on different Facebook pages.
You can promote your affiliate link through various relevant tune tumors.
2. Youtube Marketing:
Through your video publishing
Through the tuition of relent video.
3. Own Website / Blog
Through content publishing
Banner Ad Setup.
With Tex Ed setup
4. Blog Tutorial:
Through relent tune tumment
Niss related to participate in the discussion of various topics.
5. Forum tuning:
By tuning new topics in the forums.
Replicating Relative Topics.
By linking to the message signer.
1-5 dollars in 30 minutes per day (in payment development / rocket)
Seventh step: Withdrawal.
If you earn the minimum $1 dollar, you can withdraw your incoming dollar. However after the site admin checks your account after 5 business days, you will get your dollar in your preferred payment processor.
You can withdraw from the following payment processors.
Perfect Money (USD, EUR)
Payeer (USD, EUR)
AdvCash (USD, EUR)
PayPal (USD)
BitCoin (BTC)
100200, $ 300 in income strategy
100 USD Ink Strategy Month
Generating 100 unique visitors every day, you will get a normal income roule = 100 * 0.04 = 4 dollars
That means earn income every month = 4 * 30 = $ 120
200 USD Ink Strategy Month
Generating 167 Unique Visitors Every Day You Get The General Income Rule = 167 * 0.04 = 6.68 USD
That is, every month earn = 6.68 * 30 = 200 dollars
300 USD Monthly Strategy Month
If you generate 250 unique visitors every day, you will get a normal Income Rule = 250 * 0.04 = 10 dollars
That means earn = 10 * 30 = 300 dollars every month

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