Coronavirus Update USA Last 24 Hours

Corona Lockdown Not Enough: WHO

Big cities are being locked down in the meantime to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus infection worldwide. But lockdown is not enough to cope with the Corona situation. Coronavirus Update USA Last 24 Hours.

Despite the lockdown of many cities in Europe, Italy, and Spain, the number of dead and wounded is increasing there. The World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency Situation Specialist Mike Ryan spoke about the situation.

In an interview with the BBC said. Ryan said the lockdown is not enough to defeat Corona, but urgent steps need to be taken to prevent the virus from attacking again. The most important thing we have to do is to find out who is sick with the virus. Then they must be kept separate from the others. If we just wrap our hands around the lockdown, then the virus can invade after it gets up. Then the situation will get even worse.

He advised other countries to do the same, just as China, Singapore, and South Korea

The study found two more symptoms of Coronavirus

Fever, colds, and coughing were the common symptoms of the coronavirus Covid-19. But in a New York Times article on Sunday, doctors cured two more symptoms. Expert physicians from different countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Italy, have expressed concern over the smell of coronary sufferers and symptoms of not understanding the taste of food.

In a New York Times article on Sunday, some countries’ nose, ears, and throat experts said that the taste could be a possible sign of the infection, even if the smell disappears.

They say that the person infected with the virus, although seemingly healthy or with no other symptoms, should be kept apart for at least seven days, with symptoms of olfactory disappearance and symptoms of not understanding the taste of food.

According to information received from colleagues from different countries, a group of British nose and throat specialists said on Friday that if there were no other symptoms, he would have to be kept apart for seven days if he showed signs of a sore throat in the elderly. Doctors believe there is enough reason to be cautious even if not much information is available about the new symptoms.

“We really want to be careful about the issue, because it’s a symptom of infection,” said Claire Hopkins, president of the British Rhinological Society. If a person’s olfactory disorder is lost, he should be willingly separated.

This will slow the spread of the virus and save lives. British physician’s association, Nirmal Kumar, has suggested that health workers should use the necessary protective equipment even when treating patients who have lost their sense of smell.

Doctors in the UK say the number of patients suffering from coronary artery disease is not low. In South Korea, only 8 percent of the 20 patients reported the symptoms, they said.

Lockdown India for 21 days

This time the lockdown is being done all over India. Local time will be locked tonight from 12 am tonight throughout India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement in a speech addressed to him on Tuesday (March 24th).

He said that a complete lockdown was going to be issued across the country from 12pm tonight. Many states of the country have been locked down in the last two days. State governments should give importance to this decision.

Narendra Modi said the country will go back 21 years if it does not. Request to you, stay wherever you are at this time. Our goal is to save every Indian, every family.

Referring to the situation in the country, this step is essential, Modi said, “This directive will be effective in every state, district of the country.”

He said that if such irresponsibility continues, India will have to pay a heavy price. You can’t even guess what the damage will be. The wrong decisions of some people can bring danger to many people’s lives.

‘Some people think that maintaining social distance is only necessary for the victims. This idea is wrong. This is a necessity for every family.

Narendra Modi said there was no other way to avoid the coronavirus.

The death toll of 24 doctors in Italy

The death toll in the Coronavirus in Italy is increasing day by day. In the meantime, the country has killed 6 thousand 77 people were affected. At least 24 doctors died in the disaster, CNN reported.

The country has been affected by 9,320 people. At least 20 doctors died in the disaster, CNN reported.

CNN released the report on Monday (March 25th), citing the Italian Physicians Foundation.

According to the federation’s website, the death toll has been rising since the Coronavirus epidemic. The number of health workers being attacked every day is increasing. Suddenly several doctors died, the Health Institute or the Instituto Superior de Sanita (ISS) said.

CNN reported that four of the 20 people killed worked in the Lombardy area. The other four worked in Naples (southern Italy), Emilia Romagna (Northern Italy) and Marche (central Italy).

Yesterday, the latest report from the Italian Institute of Health stated that so far, about 1,320 health workers have been infected with the coronavirus.

Deployed troops to the United States

Corona is spreading to the United States very quickly. In a press briefing at the White House on Sunday evening, US President Donald Trump said the federal government sent the National Guard (Army) to New York, California, and Washington in the Coronavirus crisis.

The US National Guard will be sent to New York, California, and Washington within the next two days.

Trump said hundreds of tons of essential supplies will be supplied from our national stock. These include gloves, medical bed, N95 mask, and gown.

Within 48 hours, the army will reach these three kingdoms with these materials. The army will be deployed in all 32 states, including these three states.

New York has been lockdown since eight on Sunday night. Except for essential items like food items and medicines, you need to pay a fine.

According to the statistics website WorldMetters on Monday (March 23th), 112 people have died of the coronavirus in the past 24 hours in the United States. And 14550 were affected. In all, 38165 people have been infected in the country. 396 died.

In New York alone, 12,000 people have been affected in the last 24 hours.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday described it as the biggest national crisis in the past few decades. “If we do not get a lot of ventilators or artificial respiration in the next 10 days, then people who are not supposed to die will also die.”

List of Coronary Infections and Deaths

Coronavirus Update or Covid-19 was first detected in China in December last year. In less than three months, it is now a global epidemic. The virus has already spread to more than 192 countries. So far more than 300 thousand people have been infected. 14 thousand 638 people died. Of these, more than 5,000 died in European countries.

Coronavirus-affected countries, infection, and death toll, respectively;

Bangladesh: Infection 27, death 2.
Afghanistan: Infection 34, death 1.
Albania: Infection 77, death 2.
Algeria: infection 139, death 15.
Andorra: Infection 88.
Angola: Infection 2.
Antigua and Barbuda: Infection 1.
Argentina: Infection 158, death 4.
Armenia: Infection 190.
Australia: Infection 3021; 1 death 8.
Azerbaijan: Infection 53, death 1.
Bahamas: Infection 4.
Bahrain: Infection 310, death 1.
Barbados: Infection 14.
Belarus:: Infection 75.
Belgium: Infection 2815; 67 death.
Benin: Infection 2.
Bhutan: Infection 2.
Bolivia: Infection 19.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Infection 93, death 1.
Brazil: Infection 1178; 18 death.
Brunei: Infection 83.
Bulgaria: Infection 163, death 18.
Burkini Faso: Infection 64, death 1.
Cambodia: Infection 53.
Cameroon: Infection 40.
Canada: Infection 1388; 19 death.
Cape Verde: Infection 3.
Cayman Islands: Infection 3, death 1.
Central African Republic: Infection 3.
Moon: Infection 1.
Chile: Infection 537, death 1.
China: Infection 81008; The death toll stands at 3265.
Columbia: Infection 210, death 1.
Congo: Infection 3.
Costa Rica: Infection 117, death 2.
Croatia: Infection 206, death 1.
Cuba: Infection 21, death 1.
Cyprus: Infection 84, death 1.
Czech Republic: Infection 1047, death 1.
Congo: Infection 23 death 1.
Denmark: Transmission 1,420; 13 death.
Djibouti: Infection 1.
Dominican Republic: Infection 112, death 3.
East Timor: Infection 1.
Ecuador: Infection 532, death 7.
Egypt: Infection 294, death 10.
El Salvador: Infection 3.
Guinea: Infection 6.
Eritrea: Infection 1.
Estonia: Infection 306.
Eswatini: Infection 1.
Ethiopia: Infection 9.
Fiji: Infection 2.
Faroe Islands: Infection 47.
Finland: Infection 594.
France: Infection 16081; Death 562.
France Guinea: Infection 18.
Gabon: Infection 5, death 1.
Gambia: Infection 1.
Georgia: Infection 54.
Germany: Infection 23,129; Death 92.
Ghana: Infection 21, death 1.
Greece: Infection 530, death 13.
Guatemala: Infection 17, death 1.
Guinea: Infection 6.
Guyana: Infection 7, death 1.
Haiti: Infection 2.
Honduras: Infection 26
Hungary: Infection 131, death 4.
Island: Infection 473, death 1.
India: Infection 332, death 5.
Indonesia: Infection 514, death 48.
Iran: transmission 21638; Deaths are 1685.
Iraq: Infection 214, death 17.
Ireland: Infection 785, death 3.
Israel: Infection 883, death 1.
Italy: Infection 59138; Deaths are 5476.
Ivory Coast: Infection 14.
Jamaica: Infection 16, death 1.
Japan: Infection 1055; 35 death.
Jordan: Infection 112.
Kazakhstan: Infection 57.
Kenya: Infection 7.
Kosovo: Infection 31, death 1.
Kuwait: Infection 173.
Kyrgyzstan: Infection 14.
Latvia: Infection 124.
Lebanon: Infection 230, death 4.
Liberia: Infection 3.
Liechtenstein: Infection 37.
Lithuania: Infection 105, death 1.
Luxembourg: Infection 670, death 8.
Madagascar: Infection 3.
Malaysia: Infection 1306; 10 death.
Maldives: Infection 13.
Malta: Infection 73.
Mauritania: Infection 2.
Mauritius: Infection 14, death 1.
Mexico: Infection 251, death 1.
Moldova: Infection 80, death 1.
Monaco: Infection 11.
Mongolia: Infection 10.
Montenegro: Infection 16.
Morocco: Infection 96, death 3.
Namibia: Infection 1.
Nepal: Infection 1.
Netherlands: Infection 3003643; 179 death.
New Zealand: Infection 66.
Nicaragua: Infection 2.
Niger: Infection 1.
Nigeria: Infection 22.
North Macedonia: Infection 86.
Norway: transmission 2216; 7 death.
Oman: Infection 52.
Pakistan: Infection 733, death 3.
Palestine: Infection 59 (Gaza 2).
Panama: Infection 245, death 3.
Papua New Guinea: Infection 1.
Paraguay: Infection 22, death 1.
Peru: Infection 318, death 5.
Philippines: Infection 380, 25 deaths.
Poland: Infection 536, death 5.
Portugal 1280; Death 12.
Qatar: Infection 481.
Romania: Infection 367, death 1.
Russia: Infection 306, death 1.
Rwanda: Infection 17.
Saint Lucia: Infection 2.
Saint Vincent: Infection 1.
San Marino: Infection 160, death 20.
Saudi Arabia 511.
Senegal: Infection 56.
Serbia: Infection 188, death 1.
Cecilus: Infection 7.
Singapore: Infection 455, death 2.
Slovakia: Infection 178, death 1.
Slovenia: Infection 383, death 1.
Somalia: Infection 1.
South Africa: Infection 240.
South Korea: Infection 8897; Death 102.
Spain: Infection 28572; The death toll is 1,720.
Sri Lanka: Infection 77.
Sudan: Infection 2, death 1.
Suriname: Infection 5.
Sweden: Infection 1770; Death 20.
Switzerland: transmission 6652; 80 death.
Syria: Infection 1.
Taiwan: Infection 153, death 2.
Tanzania: Infection 6.
Thailand: Infection 533, death 1.
Togo: Infection 16.
Trinidad and Tobago: Infection 49.
Tunisia: Infection 60, death 3.
Turkey: infection 1256, death toll 30
Uganda: Infection 1.
Ukraine: Infection 47, death 3.
UAE: Infection 153, death 2.
UK: Infection 5067: death 233
United States: Infection 26747: death 340.
Uruguay: Infection 2135.
Uzbekistan: Infection 45.
Vatican City: Infection 1.
Venezuela: Infection 70.
Vietnam: Infection 113.
Zambia: Infection 2.
Zimbabwe: Infection 3.

The latest situation in Italy in Coronavirus Covid-19, dead at 55,00

In Italy, there is no way to stop Coronavirus. The death toll is increasing. The rate of attack is also increasing. Coronavirus death toll rises to 7 More than 5,000 people have been attacked. The death toll has risen to 5,900.


In Italy, a large number of people die every day from the Coronavirus. In the northern city of Bergamo, there is a sad and pressing cry of mourning. Relatives could not be together because of the virus. There is no place in the cemeteries.

The convoy of the Italian army comes in a row and takes those coffins to far, to another graveyard, to another city.

Ferrara City Mayor Alan Fabri personally took five bodies, 20 kilometers from Bergamo.

He said that this mourning will never be forgotten. The death of a coronavirus in such a way that the citizens of Italy could not accept.

Many people who are grieving the show are trying again to find fault with the government. No one can say how long the rows of bodies will be.

China’s secret document about Coronavirus

China is the source of the deadly Coronavirus, or Covid-19, which is spread around the world. The virus began to be infected with the province of Wuhan. However, he is now not free.

South China Morning Post reported on the news, citing a secret report about what happened to Coronavirus in China.

The media reported that the corona virus-infected people were silent carriers in China. One out of every three people carries the virus silently. They did not know that they were carrying the coronavirus because there were no symptoms in the body.

This phase is called asymptomatic. The suspects were placed in quarantine. However, they were identified as coronary tract without being caught. Their name was not included in the confirmed attack. At that time, the number of victims was 80,000.

Until last February, 43,000 people were infected with coronas in China. It is not yet certain how many of their body’s symptoms were revealed. However, until Saturday (March 21), the Chinese government confirmed that there were signs of the body of 81054 people.

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