Credit Card Information

Credit Card Information

How to Protect Credit Card, Debit card and Visa credit card Information

What is a credit card?

Credit Card is a curiosity in our country recently Has become a matter of discussion. To many of it It seems mysterious that people,¬† who do not understand well Do it and it works just what it does. It’s just paperwork Currency trading option Generally credit card A hologram and a safety mark Plastic lining piece. Behind it There are magnetic laces. Cardholder details Electric data stored in the ribbon with information is stored. Credit card information.

The card is a fourfold, some phone card Like it It’s a little bit informative pieces of plastic, that’s why You can also call it a popular plastic currency. Trading is a bit common with credit cards Like the transaction. A card in the name of the bank client Provides that the value of the goods and services is limited to him Payment is enabled through the condition.

There are two types of cards:

  1. Credit Card and
  2. Debit Card.

Anyone who has a credit card with a specific trader Can purchase goods from the shop. Things Notification of bank related to the end of the month You can pay accordingly. Debit on the other hand The card is a method of paying the price. Automatic It has to be repaired on the teller machine, so debit it

The card is called the electronic money bag. Debit card There is an account with the bank, but ‘credit’ This type of condition is not required for the card. Debit Or credit cards have many good benefits.

It is bumpy and smoother. A credit card There is a lot of money to hold. Even one Credit cards protect you from the risk of cash flows.

How to Credit Cards Will you open?

Banks, credit unions, and even big departmental The stores have their own credit card. To get a credit card, you fill out the application form Credit Cards Company Your Credit The credit card company will check the history After verifying your credit history, they can Decide that you give credit card Whether or not it will be.

Whatever it takes?

Generally the passport to create a credit card Size photo 1 or 2, national ID card Photocopy and the bank that will do in the bank Must have account.

Credit card Advantages-Disadvantages

Credit card usage in financial transactions is increasing day by day. But many of them have a fear of credit card work. They think that this is the end of the trap of the end! The advantages and advantages of credit card are discussed briefly here.

Fast transaction

Suppose, you want to buy something very expensive. Can not get enough money together. Can not borrow anyone. The use of credit cards in most cases is the use of these. Through this, the product can be repaired for a few months by purchasing the product. The burden of debt does not seem too much. In this case, the judicial intelligence must be used. The price has to be paid according to the deadline. Otherwise, it might be possible to count the fine.


It is said that credit card usage is more secure than cash, debit card and check usage. If your card is defective or fraud, you will get your money back if it is stolen.

Suppose your card was stolen. Someone picked up the money. In case of complaints, the card issuing company is obliged to refund the whole money. Fast refunds are available with proper evidence. In this case, take a short notice. The PIN number of the card should be kept in mind. The number can not be written by yourself.

Loan facility

Some credit cards, especially loans abroad at zero percent interest. In these cases, a certain amount of money is paid in the month, which is quite convenient. Again, there are a lot of interest on loan in some of the cards. There is also a benefit in this regard. To avoid the burden, the loan is repaired fast. Do not own loans.

Revenue with expenditure

Different offers on credit cards are offered. For example: ‘Cash Back Offer’, ‘Special Discounts’. For travel outside the country, the use of credit cards at the hotel is often used to make a lot of money. Plane tickets are available for a lot of time.


Suppose you have received an offer credit card. If you think the loan burden is more in use, then it can be changed to other offer cards. In this case maybe a little money may take more. But it is profitable.

Debt trap

Credit card usage is always a loan taking medium. You have to buy now and then pay the money. There is a risk. If you do not pay the loan on time the loan will continue to grow.

Hidden expenditure

Paying interest rates is not the only cost of using credit cards. If you do not pay the monthly price in time you may have to count the fine. The credit limit used to be, but it has to pay a certain amount of money. That is, the use of credit cards is quite dangerous if it is not timed. Using a credit card, you may pay a fixed rate for cash to get cash.

Identify the correct card

It is important to choose the correct card. Which is convenient for you. If you use a wrong card day after day, the burden of debt will only increase. But to understand this, the whole terms and conditions must be read carefully. Choose which one is compatible with your income.

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