Examples of Cyber Crime in the world

Examples of cyber crime in the world:

Suddenly you woke up in the morning & see Many congratulations on your Facebook news feed, good wishes in Inbox. For a reason, it was found to be found on your Facebook status in the Relationship Status, someone wrote ‘In a relationship Or showing “Divorces” the relationship of peace to your family!

Or someone else is spreading spam using your account. You have to hear the complaints. Or how many people around you are looking at you!

These are the works of cybercriminals. Using your account, they continue to commit various criminal acts. Guardians of the attack on cybercriminals attacked today’s social networking site. Increasing use of social networking sites and the internet has increased the amount of cybercrime in the world. But in most cases, we are victims of cyber crime in the world for our mistakes. But being aware of a few things can be avoided if this adherent harassment is avoided.

cyber crime in the world
  • Increase friendships on social networking sites

A tendency of increasing friendships on social networking sites is seen in everyone. Many people even call strangers on their own profiles and call themselves their own danger & face cyber crime in the world. While talking to this stranger, many people share their personal details. That is why they are victims of cybercrime.

  • Avoid clicking on unfamiliar links

Clicking on a known link sent to friends. For example, if you have an unfamiliar link from your friend on your profile. Without asking a friend, you click on that link. Then you see that your profile has been hacked. So think before clicking on unfamiliar links.

  • Do not tell personal details

Many times, in the process of increasing friendship, many people give their personal details on their profile. Even the phone number with the mail id Share these details, make the work of cybercriminals & cyber crime in the world a little easier.

  • Do not give importance to privacy settings

Many do not give importance to the privacy setting given on social networking sites. So it is very easy for anyone to see the privacy settings. So privacy settings should definitely be viewed. The privacy policy should be locked in the photo so that even the photo itself can not be downloaded.

  • Do not use the same password

Gmail, phone, Facebook, Twitter, and computer lock should never use the same password. If you need to use different types of passwords and if you need to change the password every month. If not, but the work of cybercriminals & cyber crime in the world will be a lot easier.

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  • Do not use security Software

Security software should be used in phone, computer or even tabs. If you do not use security software, your gadgets will not be guaranteed.

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Updated: December 14, 2020 — 2:03 pm

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