Five Android Tools For Android Developer

Five Android Tools For Android Developer
To develop an Android app, many types of websites are needed. These sites are known to developers as tools. The collection of necessary content from these sites makes it easy to work. There is no need to create many things from yourself.
The tutorials are very useful for developers, with the help of five very useful tools.
Five Android Tools For Android Developer
1. NinjaMock
Before creating an app, design and mock-up is needed. Ninja Mock is a nice free space to create that plan.
If you make your app sketch before you start the app, you can easily do the job. Just a few minutes to snack ninja makake can make your plan plan.
Only Nokia, iOS, Windows, and other platforms can be working in Ninja Messa.
There are tools for Android development, such as listview, imageview, textview, button etc. You can also add your own photos. Ninja Mac is one of the best tools for making Mac.
2. Android Asset Studio
To develop an Android app, many types of asset are needed. The Android Studio Asset site is to generate those assets.
Launcher icon, toolbar icon, notification icon etc. can be generated with this tool. Besides, nine patch images can also be generated. Foreground, color, shapes, backgrounds, effects etc. can be generated by the icons.
These icons or assists will support all types of devices. Icon or asset will be generated for all types of devices.
3. Google Material Icons
Material Design is currently at the top of popularity. Now almost all apps in Google have used the material design. It needs to be matrix icons. These icons are available on Google’s site.
If you like your desired icon by going to the link, select new options. There will be an icon size, white or black icon, want to download it in a format, etc.
Supported icons for all devices will be downloaded. Excellent these icons can be found completely free.
4. Android-Arsenal
Android Arsenal is a huge library archive for Android developers. For example, if you want to use some good things to see pictures in the app. In order to display excellent images in Android Arsenal, the Image Viewer Library You can use the preference from them as yourself.
The best way to do this website is to update it every day, every day something nice, something great coming. Beautifully organized libraries.
5. Genymotion Emulator
Genymotion is used as an Emulator with Android Studio. Usually virtual devices that are embedded with Android Studio take a long time to boot. In that case, Genymotion work very fast.
Setting up the Genymotion is simple and easy. Genymotion can be used free of charge.Tags
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