Note features on Google Password Manager

Google is going to add notes feature as part of Google password manager development. In the field of online security, Google has come up with a password manager service in Chrome browser to store passwords used in websites and various apps.

Note features on Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager
Google Password Manager

The new feature allows users to add notes to passwords saved in the Google Password manager. Google is currently testing the feature for some users. As a result, it is not yet open to everyone. One of the first features of Reddit can be found in the feature.

The feature can be used when the user changes an existing password or adds it for the first time. This will allow users to add something new to the account they have added. The note may contain security questions, small information. This feature is especially useful for accounting information.

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Features are currently limited to Chrome’s latest Canary release. However, the concerned and technologists hope that the feature will be brought to the stable version through the next update. The note-added feature is related to the unveiling of the 101st version of Chrome. According to him, it may be launched for the users next April or May. However, the Canary feature may change at the time of unveiling the feature. The note is not an uncommon feature for other password manager services. LastPass and OnePassword provide separate spaces for recording passwords.

Updated: March 13, 2022 — 6:15 pm

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