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You are working online, it is not possible that you do not use google search. Regularly everyone searches Google as necessary. But because Google does not know much of the secret technique, we can not rely on 100% Google search on daily work. Give 10 tips today. I would not have to rely on everything else, and no other day would have to depend on anyone else. The Best Way To Find anything in Google Search hacks

Google Search Hacks

  • Find a favorite song or a movie, know the technique
google search hacks

Find out the music of different formats, search for specific songs, or find the full album of songs, even if there is no one to know about Google alternatives.

Method: You are looking for the songs of James. Then go to Google’s search box, enter intitle: “index of” (mp3 | mp4 | avi) James “. If you search for a particular song, the format will be: “index of” (mp3 | mp4 | avi) bangladesh james “If you want the full album of any song, then type” index of “(mp3 | mp4 | avi) piano james. In other cases, these tips can be used.

The method that you want to find related PDF, write it and type fileType: pdf. Eg: seo fileType: pdf

  • Want to know the meaning of something:
    Do not understand anything. Get help from Google rather than help from anyone else.

Method: Just write the definition before the word. Eg: define: scholarship

  • Call on Google to change different units
    You can use Google to convert units of height, weight, and volume etc.

Method: Write changes to the search box. Such as kg in pound, inch in km

  • Get Google help with currency converter:
    Often times you have to get help from others to get a dollar rate. From now on, Google will disturb for this task.

Method: Search the search box in the search box. Format will be: USD in BDT

  1. Google’s time to know the area:
    There is no need for anyone to know the local time of the area or there is no need to do the calculation by any number. Google will help you in this work.

Method: Go to google and type the word “time” before the specific place name. For example, search for Time Sydney.

Search very easily from Google, find some exclusive tips ..!

  • Find the weather reports anywhere in the house
    Just like local time, Google will help you as a friend to know the weather information of any area.

Method: Go to google and enter the name of the specific place and type the word “weather” before the name. For example, search the weather Sydney.

  • Learn the sun and sunset of any area:
    Want to know the time and time of sunset and other cities of another country in Dhaka? Ask Google.

Procedure: Enter the name of the city that you want to know during the period of Sufya and Sunset, write the name of the city in the search box, before that the word Sunrise or Sunset is entered. Such as: sunset: sydney

  • The calculator can be done through Google:
    Whatever calculator you need to do with calculation, you can do it with Google help from now on. The job is a lot easier.

Method: If you have a Google Account type (200 + 500 =), then Google will appear on the calculus.

  • Target a specific border:
    If you want to find all the restaurants located in Mirpur. So it is possible to find it very easily.

Method: First, go to the link. Now there is a restaurant in the search room and places to write the location right next to it. Enter it here: Search by Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Find information about all the restaurants located in Mirpur.

  • Find out the identity of its owner through phone number
    If you know the name of a phone number, Google is looking for the owner’s name

Method: Search Google by entering a phone number and the only area code before that. The name and address of the owner of that number will find out this Google

  • Get help from Google to find flight schedules and accessories
    Google is enough to know the current status of any flight. And likewise, Google will not disappoint you if you want to know about the location of the merchandise sent through different courier services.

Method: By entering the plane and its flight number in the search box, its current location and the time of arrival are known. And search the courier service by typing the UPS, FedEx or USPS and its tracking number. You will get the information. The format will be: fly dubai 456

  • Translate in any language:
    With Google Language Tools (, there is no alternative to Google to change the writing of any language in any other language. Method: Go to and post the original post in the empty room. Then select the language that you want to translate, and click on Translate and it will appear in the empty room on the right side.
  • Find the list of websites using exact keywords:
    Understanding the status of computing users is a list of specific keywords used by SEO and then the ranking is planned. Just used that keyword, Google is enough to find such a website, there is no need to use any other tools.

Method: Use quotation marks on both sides of the keyword. For example, “SEO Course in Bangladesh” will be displayed on Google’s search results whenever the same keyword is used by Google.

  • Find all posts related to specific keywords on a particular website
    Only a specific website needs to find all the posts of specific keywords, so many times. Google will assist you to find the job.

Method: Go to Google to search keywords, then take a space. Then search by entering the site: domain name. For example: SEO site: search by typing it.

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