Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network

Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network
Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network
Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network
Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network Easily. Basically this is to create an Evil Twin WiFi Access Point with wifiphisher, then you have to create a Evil Twin of WiFi AP (Access Point) that the user has to disconnect from his real AP via de-authenticate or via DoS Attack. Then again, when Victim will connect with your own AP, through your Fake Evil Access Point, whose SSID victim’s own AP is the same. Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network After connecting, their default browser will open a page where they will be asked to upgrade your firmware, for which login with your WiFi password on this page. Whenever Victim will give you a WiFi password, You can easily capture, and allow him to use Net through your Evil twin that is made of your WiFi clone. So that she does not feel any doubt! Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network Easily. Password Protected WiFi Network. Password Protected WiFi Network.
Hack Any Password Protected Wifi Network | Wifi Hacking With Linux
[Maybe you can now come to the head? How is this possible? Or, if possible, it would be very difficult to be sure. It is not difficult or it can be easily done by using Wifiphiser. However, for your use of ink linux] Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network
With wifiphisher you can do that or wifiphisher to wifi hack in this way
Which will help
Victim (whose wifi wants to hack) will disconnect him from his access point. Victim will enter the Evil Access Point you have created.
How to do that, when Victim will connect to Evil Access Points created by you, a webpage will be opened on his computer where he will be told to upgrade your firmware, and to upgrade, there must be his WiFi password. If you have a WiFi password, you can start using the net again as soon as you can. But ultimately, the hacker will be benefited or who created the Evil Access Point. Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network.
What you need to do to hack this is:
1) Ink Linux
2) Two Wireless Adapters.
So let’s start the real work.
The first thing to do is download wifiphisher.
Open the blanket terminal and download wifiphisher from github. Open this terminal by typing this command: git clone https: // github / sophron / wifiphisher
Now unpack wifiphisher, to unpack, write this command: tar -xvzf /root/wifiphisher-1.1.tar.gz
Now, in the case of your wifiphiser directory which unzipped through the terminal, it has been root in my case
If you follow me on the directory, you also have root directory. The name of the wifiphisher folder I can see is my / wifiphisher-1.1 Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network
To open the terminal, type: cd wifiphisher-.1.1
Now let’s look at what files are in this directory: ls -l
You will see a script named wifiphisher.py Now we have to run the script, run the command to run: python wifiphisher.py  
Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network
For the first time when you run it, you will see the error message that the hostpad not found and you will be asked whether you want to install it or not, if you enter it by y enter it will start installing. After the installation is completed, close the wifiphisher script and turn on the script again in the previous method. Now wifiphisher will start working and will need some time, after some time you will see all the wifi network listings in your form. I think it will be wise to strike at the top of the network. Now what you have to do is hand out your password by sending it to your hack Victim, what you have to do to do this is press the ctrl + c keyboard, now you will be asked how many numbers you want to attack in AP Select the number of days. That means, the wifi ap that was appearing in the list was seen in the form of number, select a number from there and press Enter. Wifiphisher will make your identified WiFi access clone Evil Network. What will happen is that the connection to your selected access points will be disconnected by the user and when he is connected again he will connect with your Cloned Evil Twin Access Point. When they do this, the proxy webserver will accept their request and open a webpage on their PC to show that the firmware update and update your wifi password for this place. Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network
When they will do it correctly, you will see it at the terminal with wifiphisher as soon as you give it your password. The biggest advantage of hacking through this method is that it will not require cracking much time and users will not suspect that their WiFi Hack is not! Thanks to everyone for the trouble reading the post. Hack Any Password Protected WiFi Network

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