Hacking With Google Dorks Part-1

Hacking With Google Dorks Part

What do you think is the relationship of SEO again with hacking? SEO has a deep relationship with SEO. I will try to share full tune about Hacking with google dorks & Google Dorks List.

SEO will give you the exact information that you originally wanted to know from Google. Think, you want to get information from Google but Google will present you with over 10000 information on that topic. So it turns out that it is very difficult to find the right information? SEO will make you do this job properly. Then let’s start.

Hacking With Google Dorks

I’m linking to a site.

When you click on the above line, you will enter a website. The website is heading. The Official Site of Kali Linux Expert

The blue line that is seen above is called (URL = Uniform Resource Locator) and the information or data you see in the website are ‘TEXT’.

Now think you can search or search in Google. Hold on to which forum you will find. That could be the hacking forum. Then type in the Google search box.

inurl: forum

That is, whatever your topic is, you can enter it by searching.

inurl: Your desired content

If you want to send text or any text or a word as a topic, then write it

Intext: Your desired content I know that many of you are absolutely convinced about these things But I’m writing for newcomers like me. Another thing is that you have to understand SEO, otherwise you will have much trouble in searching for SQL injection, Internet cracking, etc. during the hacking of any website. I hope you understand why SEO is important.

Now, let’s study something that I’m writing down here. Of course, on the internet.

Do you think Hacking Technique would like to find something about this? Then write in Google Dorks List

intitle: hacking technique

If you want to find a website’s login pays, then enter

intext: login inurl: website address

Now if you want to find any information on a particular website, then enter

site: Enter the full URL of the website and the information you want

Now if you want to find a pdf file then type it

Filetype: pdf is the subject of your file

You can also type doc, xls, csv, etc. in place of pdf above.

In the Next tune I will discuss Google Dorks List. And Share A large List Of Google Dorks

Updated: December 14, 2020 — 3:47 pm

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