How To Record Whatsapp Video Call In PC Or Android Phone

WhatsApp is a popular application that can be used to make audio and video calls and use the Internet to send text, pictures, audio or video messages. Anytime, we will be happy to have a review, fun conversations or important video conferences for WhatsApp video calls Want to record. How To Record Whatsapp Video Call.

When you talk to the WhatsApp video call, you can turn on the screen record and record your video call. So you will talk to loudspeakers to record audio conversations with Facebook Messenger video calls from both sides. So lets see how you can record the WhatsApp video call, along with talking audio.

How To Record Your Whatsapp Video Call With Android Phone?

How To Record Whatsapp Video Call
DU Recorder is an app that helps to record a free, stable, high quality smooth and fresh screen video.

#1. First, Install DU Recorder from Google Play Store

#2. Open the DU Recorder apps and See the navigation menu.

#3.Tap the ‘Recorder’ icon, and start Recording.

#4. Tap the ‘Stop’ icon, recording is ‘stopping’.

#5. That’s it.

>How To Record Whatsapp Video Call In iPhone?

There is a built-in screen recorder on iOS 11, which lets you record the screen directly. If you use iOS 9 or 10, you will need the Records app screen.

How To Record Whatsapp Video Call

#1. You’ll first need to add the feature’s button to Control Center.

#2. Open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls then tap the green plus icon next to Screen Recording.

#3. With the shortcut added to Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device’s screen,you’ll see the new Screen Recording button.

#4. Tap the ‘recording icon”, then wait for the three-second countdown. To capture sound while you record, press deeply on  and tap Microphone Audio.

#5. To stop recording, open Control Center and tap red barOr tap the red status bar at the top of your screen and tap Stop.

#6. You can find your screen recording in the Photos app.

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