Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything

Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything
Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything

Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything

I sometimes wonder myself, how many types of security risks can be! From a report of 2014, I found that scammers.  That can take advantage of all the information from your cell phone. such as SMS, incoming, outgoing call details, cellphone. By faxing or fake cellphone towers. It seems to me that many interesting things have been shared with me. And I have published the article by feeling the need to share details about this security risk. You call someone and hopefully the call will be reached to your caller. And your conversation is limited to only two people.

But unfortunately, if you receive a signal from the fake cellphone tower. then you will be able to hear someone ringing on your call. But how feasible cell tower tower? If it is possible, how does it work. Who else can access your data using this type of tower? Answer to all questions, I covered this article … Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything.

Cellphone surveillance

Fake Cellphone Tower
If we talk about cellphone towers in general, then it’s basically an antenna and the transmitter is both. Antenna and transmitter are also applied on your cellphone, but cellphone antenna and transmitter are not strong enough to send signals up to a few meters away, but this is not the cellphone’s limitations. Cell phones are designed to do so, as it is necessary to increase the distance of the signal of antenna and transmitter, there is a lot of power needed.

Cell phones are usually designed to be used as portable, and battery backup is also a matter. So cell phones use different towers, especially those that are mounted on the roof or on the hillside. These cell phones are huge giant in the form of towers and can generate many powerful signals by spending a lot of electricity. Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything!

Accepting a little signal from the cellphone, the cellphone tower unites them and sends them to the main station. However, first of all, a cellphone needs permissions to contact a particular operator cell tower and the main station. And sim card helps to grant this special permit. With the SIM on cell phones, the phone will accept IMSI from the cellphone SIM only and spread it over the network – and send the request to the network to get access.

The network accepts the IMSI and checks the internal database to provide an authentication key. Now after sharing some “key” in the SIM and the network, the SIM card connects the cellphone to the tower and network. Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything.

But here’s a matter of fact, no one can access your call or separate data even on the same network connected condition, Kona Cellphone Network must use encryption. So how could anyone hear your call? Yes, it will be possible to use the fake cellphone towers even when the Fayyque Tower works in the algorithm of the Originator Tower. In the above paragraphs, how the cell phones and cell towers are connected, the Fayysee Tower behaves similarly and tries to prove itself as an orange tower. Your SIM card and the Fake Cellphone Tower talk to each other in the same algorithm and share key or authentication information. SIM card now connects the cell phone with the Faye Tower, the real tower.

The fake towers first connect your cellphone with you, then connect your phone’s signal to the original Provider Tower, so that you can stay connected to the rest of the network and continue to do phone calls or separate tasks. This means that your real network provider and Fake Tower are connected in the middle of your cellphone. Now, maybe you will say, why not connect your cellphone to the real towers with the fake towers?

The reason for this is the design of your cellphone work. Your cellphone is made in such a way that it works by accepting the closest and strongest cell signal. Fake tower is presented in such a manner, it also creates a strong signal from the original cellphone tower, so your phone is normally thinking of connecting with it beforehand. Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything.

Cellphone surveillance

What can the fake cell tower do?
Once your phone is connected to this Fake Tower, the tower will be able to spout on each of your activities. You can start from your metadata to your call. You can even send fake massage to the fake towers, but it seems to be real. You can also call any number with a spiff. You will probably receive calls from your bank’s calling center number and all your information will be handled.

It’s not a fantasy, in China, the alaridae reported a victim to The First, the person came to the message from his bank and later he knew that his bank did not send him any message. He was linked to the massage message, and following the link, he was freed from his $ 650 dollar account. Mysterious Fake Cellphone Towers, Automatically hack your everything.

Scammers created a Faye signal that helped a device, whose signal quality was stronger than the original tower. and the phone was naturally connected to a stronger signal. A large mobile security firm in China, detects febbriety feeds of 1.2 billion which were sent from the fake towers. They did a total of 13 million fake SMS searches every day. Now you say, so many scamming messages? Just because of the scamming massage, you can also get real service messages. Many companies make their marketing through Kano massage.

So what do you understand, companies can continue their marketing by putting such feck cell towers. With further investigations, the news agency US Government and the NSA used the Fake Tower to track the call and all activities of the suspect himself. That means that the scam is not a racket, the government can do this if it wants, in this case the operators will not have to touch the government’s hands to get any details.

How to protect yourself from the fake towers?
At this point I thought I would assure you that at least in our country I have not yet heard of such things. But after doing some online research, all assurances have to be left to me. Although the actual cellphone tower equipment is much more expensive, and operators make them by special order, but only $ 700 dollars is enough to set up a device to create feck cellphone signals, that’s just 60,000 rupees. Possible And to understand, how much profit is made for scammers to set up this system. They will undoubtedly use this system to make mobile banking accounts, bank accounts, any accounts which will be hacked to suit cell phones comfortably.

Want to know more surprises? There are also Floyd Fake Cellphone Towers! This means that it is possible to capture all data from a cellphone by sending a drone to any place by making fake cell towers. So now you tell me, the system that requires only a few thousand rupees, why would not it want to set up any scam racket?

Now let’s talk about how to survive this fayyak tower. See, there is no way to escape from this system. Once connected with those kinds of signals, they will hijack all your information or the above things can happen to you. But there are some things that can be understood from the symptoms that you are connected with Fake Cell Towers, but it is not possible to get 100%, at least from your side. Fake cell towers do not have too much coverage, so maybe it’s going to send signals from somewhere around you.

There is no connection with the main station of many Fake Cell Towers, so when you try to call or use the internet after being connected to the Fake Cell Tower, you will receive an Empathetic Response. However, this may be the result of your real network problems. If you notice that there is full network on the phone but during the call time or call. Many dialects can feel in the meanwhile it may be that you are connected to the Fake Tower.

Fake cell signals are more effective on 2G or 1G networks. Kenna 2G is the oldest mobile network system. there is no advanced encryption or algorithm. So if you use a 2G network on 2G phones or smartphones. Then your phone will be easily connected to the Fake Cell Tower. Fake Tower is a little difficult to connect to 3G or 4G networks. Kenona has the latest security features in this new networking technology.

Since your cellphone is connected to the Faye Tower using a complete legal system. it is very difficult to understand. Anyway, at least you know what kind of system and how it works. If possible, avoiding the use of 2G signal phones can be avoided by connecting to the Faye towers. Hopefully the article was very helpful, you can comment on any of your questions below.

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