Repair Corrupted BIOS Firmware

Repair Corrupted BIOS Firmware: If the current goes out while giving BIOS update, then the motherboard becomes corrupt. I am telling you how to fix it in case of the corrupt motherboard.

How To Repair Corrupted BIOS Firmware?

Which you need- To Repair Corrupted BIOS Follow the instructions:

-1 Pendrive of 16 GB or less size
(The pen drive must and must be in FAT32 format. Otherwise, your motherboard will not be able to detect it).

  • Flash back button and flash back USB port on your motherboard. This button is not present on all motherboards. This method will not work without it.

-Updated BIOS file. (Double check that the file is for your motherboard model)

Now suppose one evening you happily went to update the BIOS of the motherboard. But then came the defeat. That’s what happened. The electricity went off. You have your hands on your head. What to do now to repair corrupted bios firmware?

There is nothing to be nervous about in the beginning.

  1. On another PC, download the BIOS file from your motherboard company’s website, in this case from MSI’s website. Download very carefully so that the model is not wrong.
  2. Connect the Pendrive to that PC.
  3. Rename the BIOS file and save it as MSI.ROM. (Rename the main BIOS file. Sometimes there are some text files with the BIOS. Not them)
  4. Now check if the pen drive is in FAT32 format. Then take it once with a quick format.
  5. Copy the renamed BIOS file to the pen drive and disconnect the pen drive from the PC.

6. Now unplug the display cable (HDMI / VGA) from the motherboard of your main PC. Check that the power cable is well connected.

7. Now there is a button with FlashBack + written on the back of your motherboard and there will be a USB port next to it. Put a pen drive in that port Hold down the flashback + button until a red LED light flashes in the upper left corner of your motherboard.

8. Now wait for a while motherboard connection comes up.

  1. After the small red LED light comes on, it will go out for 3/4 minutes or 5 minutes.
    Don’t be nervous, just wait.
  2. When the ignition is off, unplug the pen drive, and unplug the power cable from the PC.
  3. Now open CMOS Battery from your motherboard for 10 minutes and reconnect.
  4. Now turn on the PC by connecting the power cable and display cable.

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If all goes well your motherboard will be up and running again and the PC will be well on.

Hopefully this tutorial doesn’t have to be followed by anyone and luckily the current doesn’t go away during the BIOS update of the motherboard.
The whole of the above was tested and successfully revive on my motherboard. Many motherboards do not have BIOS flash back buttons and I need some programmable kits to fix them. I will talk about them another day.

NOTE- If you do not have a UPS, update the BIOS at your own risk.
Many will tell me why I went to give BIOS update without UPS? Because I have an IPS in my house and the PC would never restart if the power went out before. But I know IPS is not appropriate for PC. Since I did not have money to buy UPS, I did everything at my own risk.

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Updated: September 12, 2020 — 7:50 pm

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