All Types of Hacking A-Z

Types of Hacking

Chapter 1 ::: Hacking Introduction (Hacking in Hacking)

The hacker is the person who is involved in security / insecurity and is able to find the weak direction of the security system, especially in the efficient or in other computer systems, or capable of intruding into it. Generally, hacker is the most commonly used black-hat hacker, which is essentially destructive or criminal activity. There are also more moral hackers (who are commonly known as white hat hackers) and are the unwary hackers of morality whose gray hat is called hackers. Frequently the cracker is used to differentiate between them, which is used to differentiate hackers from computer security hackers, or to define moral hackers (white hat hackers) from dishonest hackers (Black hat hackers). Types of Hacking.

Hackers can create something new in the virtual world, can solve the problem. They believe in freedom and mutual cooperation. The first condition to become a hacker is that you have to decide which type of hacker you will be. Above 3 types of hackers have been told. We’re posting a lot for your convenience. Types of Hacking.


White Hat Hacker – It provides security to the computer and the cyber world. They never hurt others. They are also called ethical hackers.


Gray Hat Hacker – is a hacker who stays between white hat and black hat. If they wish they can do any harm and can also benefit.


Black Hat Hacker – Hacker says usually black hat hackers. They always cause harm to one another in some way. They are always hated in the cyber world.


There are also some hacker types. For example:


Script Kidie – They do nothing themselves, but they work with the tools used by other tools or others.


Neophyte or nOOb – They are hacking students. They are just learning hacking. In other words, their Bigminar or Newbay can be called.


Blue Hat Hacker – These are not really related to hacking. Before starting any software or system, they try to correct the bad or harmful aspects of the software or system.


Hacktivist – They are essentially involved in any political matter, religion, social attack etc. But most hacktivists are mainly involved with DOS attack or D-DOS attack. You can learn about DOS or D-DOS later.


The hacking tutorial will be released continuously. Here are some guidelines:


All the tutorials have to be studied very well.

You have to try it manually.

Do not try to hack itself from the unprotected speech.

Keep in mind that some tutorials are immoral, so we will not bear any responsibility for them.

Today so far Stay with us Thank you.


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