What is a keylogger and how does it work

What is a Keylogger and how does it work?

A keylogger is a program that, if installed on your computer, will save what you type on the computer by pressing the keys on the keyboard without your knowledge. What loggers are the lowest level of hacking. No special knowledge is required to use keylogger. This is an easy way to hack someone’s email address or other account username and password.

Well, suppose you are browsing in a cybercafe. You may not know that someone has already installed a key-logger on the PC you are browsing. Now suppose you went to http://mail.yahoo.com and provided the username and password. The key logger immediately records everything you type. Not terrible. Now you can say ok I will not write the username password with the board will use the onscreen keyboard of Windows.

(Start> All Programs> Accessories> Accessibility> On-Screen Keyboard) But Jenin will also record the keylogger (I checked it). The hacker will also be able to find out what you are doing on the desktop, what website you are visiting, what is written in the username box, the number of black dots in the password box (which helps you to understand the username and password separately from the next log).

However, after learning about this, I also have a fear that someone else may hack my username and password using keylogger. I desperately started looking for a solution and maybe I got some solution. Written with that.


Click on the “Remember” button from here and it will be saved in the password manager. You can see if it has been saved
Go to Tools> Options> Security tab


Click on Show Passwords .. Then you will see the password manager.


Here you will see the site address in the site column, the username used in that site in the username column and the password in the password column.

From now on, when you visit the site, your username and password will be automatically given in the username and password box of that page. You don’t have to type anything, so what-logger will record when you’re not typing the password? However, if more than one username or password is reserved for the same address or site, the username password box will remain empty.

You have to type the specific username and one click on the password box will automatically move the password saved with that username. Moreover, even if you take a screenshot of the key-logger, you will be able to see your username and not your password. This will keep your password secure. In this case, the request is to keep the password in such a way that the username can not be guessed.

To prevent anyone else from seeing your saved password from your pen drive, click on Use master password from Options> Security tab and keep the password. As a result, even if someone opens the password manager and sees the username, they will not be able to see the password without the master password.

And the fun of portable Firefox is that you can carry it on a pen drive and browse the websites you need safely on the most insecure PC, like (Cyber ​​Cafe PC).

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Updated: July 15, 2020 — 12:24 am

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