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We are accepting Guest Posts and encouraging freelancers to share their views on our blog. Let me explain to you briefly the importance of guest posting.

Guest posting will exposure your identity in the blogging market, you will get loyal customers to your blogs by sharing the information on the blogs, you will get Dofollow backlinks to your blog, which will help you to rank well your articles on search engines.

Let me discuss, few key points to write guest posts on our website.

How to Get Published on Kalilinuxexpert

If you want to write for us, yes you can, but each and every post will be reviewed for multiple times before publishing on our website.

#Submission Guidelines:-

  • Article Focus Keywords should be low, medium competition (You can ask us for the keywords, we will provide them if require)
  • Focus keywords should repeat at least 15+ times in the entire article.
  • You need to write the content in text files or docs files.
  • You should specify proper headings, sub-headings in the Docx.
  • Don’t send duplicate content, which is already published on other blogs.
  • Content should be in-depth, minimum 1000+ words
  • Please send the article with the focus keyword
  • Before sending articles, please validate duplication in pilgrim’s tools.
  • Attach one image to content and the image should be either JPG or in PNG format (Don’t send copyrighted images).

Kindly keep in mind the above key points and send all files to kalilinuxexpert21@gmail.com with subject “Guest Post in KaliLinuxExpert”.

#At present we are accepting guest posts in below categories

  • Web Hosting topic
  • SEO related topics
  • Blogging Tips
  • Google AdSense Tips

After receiving an article, Immediately I’ll publish your article on kalilinuxexprt and I’ll promote it on multiple platforms and after publishing an article I’ll inform you via an email.

If you need any clarification, then do not hesitate to contact me via email or chatterbox.

Note: We will charge a small amount which we would love to invest in our website improvement. We will receive your donation with a PayPal account and your article will be published on our website within 2 working days

Note: In every month, each and every quality article will be rewarded and appreciated on kalilinuxexpert (will be informed on month ending via email).

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Once you agree to all above Terms & Conditions email us to kalilinuxexpert21@gmail.com

Hope you will Maintain long time Relationship with us

Happy Blogging!